Pet Portraits
On Glass
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Pet portraits Ours and Others
By Nancy L. Steinmeyer

To commission a Famanimalies style painting of your pet contact Nancy

Is a series of mixed media painting exploring the relationships between families and their animals hence the name Famanimalies.

My husband and I met in 1991 while walking our dogs.  Within a year we married and successfully combined his German Shepard mix, Brownie with my Doberman Pinscher, Mary Margaret and two cats, Orange Cat and Chutzpah.  This was the beginning of happily ever after life-style including cat litter, dog dishes, birdseed and most recently horse necessities.  

Subject Matter:
Mixed media paintings that reflected the personalities and memories of family pets.  Creating portraits of our pets is a personal fun and sentimental journey.

I have grown bored with rectangles.  I like shape, any shape as long as it’s organic and not a square or a rectangle.  I also like space, actual physical space, as well as painted faux space.  Some of this work is created on thin layers of painted wood, in other pieces I’m exploring the impact of life-size animals such as horses or a life size dog on a full size settee.. 

Also I like pattern.  In some of my work I enjoy the repetition and the subtle surprise when the pattern changes or better yet when the pattern is telling a story all it’s own.  My intention is to create paintings of pets that also tell the story and give the history of how they fit into and or impact the family they live within.  most of the patterns in my paintings are created by using photographs of pet or human members of the family. They are then manipulated through the use of the computer to create patterns and fabric, floors, tile or sometimes shadows.

Come Meet Some of my Pet Portraits

"On The Job" mixed media  17” x  24"
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Inspirational photo

Look for the brown and white bunny
and the black and white cat.  They were
Orange's best friends.

“Head of the House”  mixed media  35” x  28”
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Inspirational photo

Look for the cat faces in the background. 
Can you see the German Shepard?

"Mighty Mouth" Mixed Media 28" x 20 1/2"
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Inspirational photo

The floor of this painting is a made of a series of 63 photographs of Trotzen's family (both people and pets).

"Dressed to Play" mixed media 37" x 37"
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Inspirational photo


Detail of the couch

Life-sized cut out horse
Dancer",  Painted Wood, 69"x 39"


"Smooch Me", mixed media , 23" x 28"

detail of running horse as the grass

Commission Portrait Scout,
mixed media, 23" x 23"

detail pattern of Scout and his Mom



Life-sized cut out horse
Maggie",  Painted Wood, 71"x 27"

"Montanna"  mixed media wood cut out

This commission is of the paint gelding, Montana, as a foal.  The shadow he casts is of Montana  being driven by his owner.  Sadly this horse passed away at the age of two.

"Bed Buddies", mixed media wood cut out, 28" x 43"


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