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$12 per package of 6, 5x 7 cards
(2 of each of the 3 images,
 Pretending, Dreaming, Becoming )
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created by
Nancy L. Steinmeyer

A little girl named Genevieve dreams to dance and shares her journey to the stage with her small but devoted dog.

Note from the artist: 
After more than a 10 year friendship with Judith Svalander, owner of the Svalander Ballet school located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, I was inspired to create these cards by our many conversations about her students, their progression and her love for dance.

Of course, my personal touch was to add my dog, Jumpstart, to each progressive part of the story. The idea of having him backstage and eventually hiding on stage came from my experience in my junior class play. My nonspeaking part happened to include my first dog, Kuh. She very much enjoyed the limelight and the backstage hustle and bustle. I'm sure Jumpstart, given the chance, would shine as well.

Jumpstart and I will donate 25% of the net profit from the sale of these cards to the Judith Svalander School of Ballet scholarship program. We hope to support the dreams of young dancers.

Nancy and Jumpstart.

  The Story - Pretending, Dreaming, Becoming 


Pretending: One wonderful day Genevieve's grandmother took her to see the Nutcracker ballet. She was transfixed on the beautiful dancers as they floated and leaped before her eyes. After the show she begged for a poster and a souvenir Nutcracker to help her remember this magical experience.

In her bedroom Genevieve gathers the audience including her puppy, dolls and stuffed animals.  They all surround the little napkin stage to watch the Nutcracker Ballet. Day after day, she pretends to be the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy twirling, flying and floating around, gracefully performing for her little friends.


Dreaming: Genevieve started ballet lessons as soon as she was old enough.  She loves the opportunity to share a stage with the older, more accomplished dancers. She and her little dog, Jumpstart, enjoyed their walk on role as part of a crowd scene.

After her time on stage is over Genevieve stands in the wings to watch the other dancers fly through the air. She watches the details, dreaming of herself performing each and every movement, envisaging herself dancing the more challenging roles.


Becoming: Jumpstart, a seasoned performer of crowd scenes and unofficial ballet school mascot, has found a way to once again join the audience to watch his best friend realize her dreams.

After years of lessons, hours and hours of practice and even more practice, Genevieve has finally earned the first lead role of her lifetime. The butterflies of excitement surround her, flitting through her mind and tummy waiting for opening night. Her time has finally come, the day she has been working so hard to achieve.  She has become the Sugar Plum fairy.


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  Ballet Nutcracker Note Cards - Blank for all occasions
Designed by Artist, Nancy Steinmeyer
$12 per package of 6, 5x 7 cards (2 each of all 3 images,
Pretending, Dreaming, Becoming  )
(Price including tax and shipping within the continental US)



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