By Nancy L. Steinmeyer

These sculptures are made from archival quality paper pulp not paper machete. They are life size which allows me the unique opportunity to buy them jewelry at fabulously low prices, on UHF channels at 3:00 in the morning.


made paper / mixed media relief

59" x 33" x 15"

The lunch shift is at its height. A table of impatient businessmen catch Doreen on her way to the kitchen. They have decided to change their orders and can’t wait to tell her. Under her breath she repeats their changes, "bald guy egg salad, skinny guy chicken legs and nice looking guy lean veal on a sesame seed bun."

Doreen’s plastic spaghetti is courtesy of toy's R us. I found her hair ribbon on the street. If it belongs to you give me a call.


made paper / mixed media relief

49" x 33" x 13"

Madge is indulging in a little neighborhood gossip while rewarding or punishing herself with a home beauty treatment. She got the idea this morning while watching another Oprah make-over show. She has discovered that it looks much easier and goes faster on television.

Madge buys most of her accessories from Walgreens. Although I did borrow her telephone receiver form a working unit. So far they haven’t asked for it back.


made paper / mixed media relief

62"x 18" x 16"

Pam’s first mistake may have been choosing her own cloths for a rather formal afternoon tea. She carefully balances her tea cup in one hand a plate of cookies in the other while attempting to engage in interesting conversation. Some should tell her that her blouse is open, revealing lace and a bow. In addition she has lipstick on her teeth. She had a hair bump but it fell off between shows.


made paper / mixed media relief

47" x 36" x 17"

Ted made the mistake of waiting until last to go through the buffet line. When he went to find a place to sit, his only choice was a foot stool. As he sat down he heard the air escaping, and the once plump piece of furniture deflated to half it’s original size. This left Ted to eat his meal with his knees higher than his arm pits. As he reaches for a refill on wine his plate tips, spilling part of his food.


Media: made paper/ mixed media

40" x 36" x 12"

Have you ever thought about the day in football history when one guy said to another: "Hey, I got an idea. You turn around and bend over. Then I’ll stick my hands between your legs to grab the ball. And if that works out well I’ll smack you on the butt."


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