ARTIST'S STATEMENT about the paper pulp people

* Thank you to the woman with big hair and lipstick which has slipped off her lips.

* Thank you to the business woman with expensive suits, tasteful jewelry, manicured nails, cell phone and dirty gym shoes.

* Thank you to the American flag presentation where the Cub Scout carrying the flag pole rides it like a stick horse.

* Thank you to the tired business man who falls asleep on the shoulder of the stranger seated next to him on the train.

* Thank you to the woman looking at my "Life's Most Embarrassing Moments" show with her skirt tucked into her panties.

* Thank you to the man with food stuck in his teeth who asked me, "Where do you get your ideas?"

My work is a unique and often humorous investigation of everyday happenings and personal events: subway commuters crowded cheek-to-cheek and nose-to-nose; smiling family gatherings with the unspoken sense of competition, comparison, and judgment; participants in customer lines, each engaged in his or her own "individual" activities.

My figures have been described as caricatures, but I think of them as characters. Rather than exaggerate, I emphasize or pinpoint. I find my subjects within the daily mainstream routine. I am thankful for the entertaining oddities that real life deliveries to my door....

I work in paper pulp enhanced with paint, dye, or other found materials.

I approach the application of color using the painting technique of layering pulp from dark to light, in some instances building the surface into a relief, creating a piece of art that changes its look as the available light changes. This can be accomplished by manipulating space, introducing relief figures and reflective materials.


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