Series: "Memorable Moments"
By Nancy L. Steinmeyer


"It’s Okay Lady I’ve About Got It"

paper / mixed media relief

35" x 34" x 7 "

Remember that time when you put all your faith into a workman. You turned over your house, belongings and trust to the stranger who promised,"No problem I can fix anything you got." Remember the results. Wasn’t that a MEMORABLE MOMENT.


"Brides Maid Again"

paper / mixed media relief

44" x 27" x 8"

All of Debra's friends are married. Some of Debra's friends have been married more than once. All of Debra's friends have asked her to be in their wedding. Debra isn't married.

Today Debra is once again trying on her brides maid dress. It is once again very ugly and most likely uncomfortable. She can't wait to try on the hat. Debra hopes to get married many times. She wants to pay her friends back.

"To Our First Date"

paper / mixed media relief

20" x 18" x 4 "

The dashing Richard is on a first date pulling out all the stops to impress his beautiful sophisticated dinner partner. He hopes to charm her back to his waiting apartment with a complimentary toast.

The exotic Tracy tries to hold back the laughter as Richard lifts his glass in front of his face magnifying his teeth and chin stubble. Tracy will not be accompanying Dick back to his apartment.



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