More about "On the Job"

I got Orange Cat in 1987 before I was married.  She has spent her life being a great cat, greeting with kindness all the additional pets that have joined her. 

As she aged she began sleeping on Doug’s laptop computer.  We would come in to the house hearing continuous beeping with commands and windows invoked that neither of us had ever seen.  We wondered if she could get a job as a Microsoft Test Kitty.  

While Orange was a young kitty her best friends were another cat, Chutzpah, and our rabbit, Bun Bun.   She and Brownie, the dog,  played chase and slept on the bed together. 
Orange Cat lived to be 20 years old.  As part of her portrait I wanted to include the rest of her family. the icons on the computer screen are of everyone who lived with us during her lifetime.

After Doug and were married, Orange became very devoted to him, sleeping in his office during the day and on his lap joining us for TV at night.   I included those times by adding this incorporation this photo into the painting.