More about "Head of the House"  

Dickens the parrot was an impulse buy.  According to the pet shop he would be easy to take care of and easy to leave for the weekend.  Swamp land in Florida.  I have never had a pet that is so dependent on my attention and dependent on me.  He is demanding, loving, affectionate and pain inducing.  We are so close I couldn’t possibility paint his portrait without including myself.  

He has destroyed every t-shirt I have ever worn.  He has a love hate relationship with all the other pets except the German Shepard, Chopin, who he used to torment.  Doug can only hold him if I’m out of the house and he wants out of his cage.  He has favorite foods and can recognize a Dunkin Donuts bag and loves to go through McDonald’s drive through.

The details shown here are of the two cats that Bob and Tim who cover the sky.  The T-shirt detail is of the cats and dogs that were in the house on the day that we brought baby Dicken's home.

The table is covered with images of T-shirts.  He loves to climb into my T-shirt and ride on my collar. The coffee cup has a list of all his favorite foods including: cookies, chips, crackers, raisins, grapes and cereal.