Cool Globes, Nancy Steinemeyer part of the exhibit

Moooove Over Cows the World is Coming.  Remember the painted cows on display in downtown Chicago?

This year it’s  “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” This is a public art project designed to increase awareness of and promote solutions to global warming.  A representative for the exhibit put it this way, “I think we are trying to talk about Cool Globes as an experience, versus just an exhibit or event that uses art, the globes, to raise awareness of and inspire individuals and organizations to work to develop and implement solutions to global warming.”

I was selected to paint one of the 124 fiberglass 5-foot (diameter) globes.  Last October (2006) I was invited to create and then submit a design for this exhibit. Actually, I came up with two designs, submitted them both, and promptly forgot about the entire thing.  Then in January I received a formal rejection for one of the designs, with a notation explaining if I had more than one design the other one may still be under consideration.  In mid February, just after that information had drifted out of my mind, I received a contract and a schedule for the delivery of a globe.” 

My selected design is called “First We Scream Then We Act”.  One side has a background of brightly painted concentric circles. Over these circles in a black outline is a drawing of Edvard Munch’s famous, “The Scream”.  On the other side more bright colors outline and cover the continents looking a little like the jet stream.  Over this colorful pattern is an outline drawing of James Montgomery Flagg’s Uncle Sam, challenging us to act now. 

My goal, my hope is a call to arms for Americans.  When this great country decides to do something, we can’t be beat.  It’s time to decide to take on global warming and win.

In addition to faithfully reproducing my design, I was confronted with the basic logistics of dealing with a 5-foot object delivered in a colder than normal late February with a two-month deadline.  My studio doors are too small so the world was sent to our garage, which of course isn’t heated

Before the 200-pound globe was delivered, I used heavy plastic, white painters tarp and a staple gun to create a painting habitat.  This mini studio was complete with two space heaters, carpeting, a TV and a thermometer.  Most days it was warm enough to allow Dickens, the parrot to help with the project.  At least once a day my husband, Doug would slip a steaming cup of coffee under one of the plastic sidewalls.  All in all this was a pretty civilized project. 

The Cool Globes Exhibit will be on display along Chicago’s lakefront adjacent to The Field Museum and at Navy Pier from June - September 2007.  For more information about the exhibit, sponsors, and supporting education go to


Nancy L. Steinmeyer's Globe is in the news

Map of all the globe locations.  Nancy's Globe is #82

Great Lakes Wiki Cool Globes interview on YouTube
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