The Carlinville Democrat Carlinville, Illinois, Thursday, January 5,1995

Work Underway on CNB Mural
By Artist Nan Steinmeyer

With the help of 7 Carlinville High School Art students, Nan Steinmeyer's mural in the Carlinville National Bank is well under-toward its completion by this weekend.

Since Tuesday, December 27, Steinmeyer has been working on completing the 8'4" by 20' mural located in the rear entrance of the bank. Entitled "Our Town", the mural shows Carlinville with a mix of old and new symbols. Various familiar landmarks such as the Macoupin County Courthouse, Blackburn College and the Methodist Church are all featured at the top of the mural.

Working with a plan, Steinmeyer, who is formerly from Carlinville, engaged the services of 7 art students from Carlinville High School. The kids also made suggestions that were incorporated into the mural. Steinmeyer decided to add a football Held, as well as a soccer field to her artwork. Thanks to some input from CNB, three buildings were changed. The old Jail was replaced with the Anderson Mansion ("I would rather have kept the old Jail in, because the Anderson 'Mansion is much more difficult to paint," Steinmeyer said). Also added were the Karmak headquarters on the edge of town, and the Macoupin County Enquirer building. According to Steinmeyer, these buildings take up most of her time because of the detail involved.

Steinmeyer will be finishing up her work through the rest of this week. The public is invited to come by anytime while the bank lobby is open. Of course, the mural will be in CNB for years to come.

Unlike a lot of other artists, Steinmeyer has no qualms about visitors watching the work in progress. It is amazing to see a shape evolve into a recognizable landmark with a few strokes of the artist's (her's and the student's) brushwork. The mural is being painted in acrylic paint. When asked why this medium was chosen, Steinmeyer replied "It's a very expressive medium. Oil might be a better painting substance to use, but it takes up to six months to dry. Someone could brush up against the mural, and paint would come off for a while. Acrylic paint dries almost immediately."

Steinmeyer indicated that every minute of her time will be needed to complete the mural. This deadline comes not so much from the Bank, but rather newly commissioned works and shows that will begin soon. Steinmeyer has an exhibition of life-sized paper relief figure sculptures which will be shown at the Hinsdale Center for the Arts in Hinsdale, Illinois. There will be a reception on Sunday, January 15 from 2 to 5 p.m. The exhibition will continue through February 24,1995. For information, call (708) 887-0203. Steinmeyer also has exhibitions scheduled for West Bend, Wis.; Muncie, Ind.; and Las Vegas, N V. In addition, Steinmeyer's work is being shown at the Sears Tower in Chicago.


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